Industrial CFast Cards You Need Compact Flash and with Physical Write Protect Switches

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An easy way to ensure your solid state storage (SSS) can circumvent writes is by using the Cactus Industrial CF Compact Flash (CF) storage devices. Along with Cfast Cards, they offer the benefit of preventing writing information to SSS either before they depart the factory or after the storage of sensitive data has been completed.

How the Cactus CF and CFast Cards with Write Protect Switches Work

After the designer installs the operating system (OS), software, and other relevant data, and all tests are run, the user can enable the Write Protect Switch to prevent any further writing of data, essentially making the device read only. The use of anti-tamper adhesive to cover the switch works as an effective fail safe to ensure no one has tampered with the device.

The applications of this feature are plentiful. In the gaming industry, for example slot machines, code can’t be modified after a governing body has certified it. Preventing the installation of code on these machines is crucial, especially when a user hits a large jackpot. In these scenarios, the manufacturer, as well as the gaming commission, inspects the machine to ensure no one has tampered with it before offering a pay out.

Gaming, of course, is only one such use for the CF or industrial grade CFast flash storage devises. Industries or organizations that store critical or sensitive data can use these devices and the Write Protect Switch to ensure that their information will not be compromised.

How the Cactus CF or CFast Functions in an Operating System

Over time, the flash storage units, when in write protection mode, has changed to meet the needs of the user. Earlier iterations occasionally caused conflicts with operating systems. The systems would generate write errors when a user attempted to write onto the devices.

Since information is written onto blank areas on the cards, and without overwriting any information, this would cause confusion within a system attempting to write on a protected card. As a result, many operating systems would hang instead of completing the task. For example, explorer.exe might not respond when attempting to write to flash memory.

In their newest iterations, the Cactus Industrial Grade CFast and Compact Flash cards ignore any attempts to write onto them when the user has enabled write protection mode. Therefore, the OS doesn’t get hung up and the data on the storage device remains unaltered.

In our Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices , Cactus provides an array of functionality. If you have specific program requirements, our experienced staff is capable of providing solutions to your needs. Please contact us today to consult us about any and all of your needs or requirements.