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Search Engine Optimization Trends 2018


SEO Stats of 2018

69% of traffic is from organic search

The SEO industry is undergoing a lot of changes today. In 2018, there will be a lot more changes. Google will have a lot of changes in the way they penalize malicious SEO practices and reward those who follow white hat SEO techniques. In this article, let’s explore some of those news, statistics, and facts that have anything to do with SEO Statistics 2018. Let’s start.

1. 70% of the links being clicked on today by people are organic. Which means that people are becoming smarter. In 2018, this number will even increase as SEO techniques will help stop spam contents, comments, and distribution online.

2. There is also about 80% of people right now that ignore paid ads, according to Search Engine Journal. With the SEO converging with social media, 2018 will also see a lot of changes in how content marketing, usability will be done and much more. There will also be a lot of changes perceived in 2018 in the way people understand SEO. Right now, people have still a hard time understanding what SEO means, but all of that will change in 2018. That said, it’s really not that hard to see that investment in SEO will still pay handsomely later on.

3. It is also a common statistic data or fact that the first-page organic search result today will get around 33% of clicks, according to a 2013 research. This means that it always pays to be organic. It’s always good to be the person who goes for the white hat SEO techniques. Google will reward those who consider SEO to be a priority in any marketing campaign. Google will also give special attention to those practices that are devoid of black hat attitudes that may ruin the algorithm of the search engine.

4.  One statistic that will still be relevant in 2018 is the fact that right now 75% of the users never really scroll past the search engine results’ first page. No one goes beyond that because these people want immediate results. In fact, maybe most of these people still don’t even know about the 2nd or the next pages of Google.


5. It is also found out by WordPress that consumers were exposed to social media and search results contributed to a brand’s overall CTR increase of about 94 percent. This is a remarkable feat, and will still be increasingly improved when  2018 comes.


6. It is also found out by various research efforts that right now two of the most powerful internet activities are search and e-mail, which provide for the best results for both businesses and consumers.


Top Internet Activities? Search & Email, Once Again

7. It is also found out that the companies right now that have blogs in their online presence will receive more indexed pages and will get far more leads. One example of such company is the content producer Bisaya Short Films. Its’ wonderful blog features some of the news, updates, and rankings that may be replicable by other companies. The blog of Bisaya Short Films offers continuous updates for people in the local community at the same time provide information to Google on what pages should be indexed.

8. In 2018, there will also be a lot of changes in costing and pricing with regards to SEO. Right now, inbound leads cost about 61% lower than the outbound leads that companies spend for. That will dramatically change in 2018 when new technology comes out and helps in lowering the cost. One example of an outbound lead is cold calling, while inbound lead would be from a search engine optimization.

8. 81% of the businesses today usually considered as one of their most important assets their blogs. Their blogs contain the most updated information, updates, prices and data about the services and products they offer. These businesses won’t be able to reach out to many people without such data.

9. There is a study right now from Outbrain that completely shows how the #1 driver of traffic to any content sites would be their search engine rankings. It may even be said that search engine marketing out beats social media marketing to about 300%.


Search Sends More & Better Traffic To Content Sites Than Social Media, Study Says

10. In 2018, there will also be an increase conversion rate for search engine efforts. Right now SEO leads to about 14.6% closing rate, while the outbound leads today only have about 1.7% close rate, which makes social media an even more powerful medium that gives the best results considering the competition.

11. Slingshot SEO confirmed that 18% of the organic clicks right now go to the first position in the Search Engine Results, while 10% of the organic clicks go to the second position. This data only shows that there is only a great deal of result in any campaign if it is able to gather enough clicks for organic clicks. Reference is here:

12. There’s also enough evidence to show that 79% of the search engine users today say that they only click on natural search results. In contrast, a study also revealed that users would only rarely click on the sponsored search results. This means that campaigns with sponsored ads will less likely to reach organic results today. In 2018, there’s a big effort that this will still be the case. Nothing big will still change in this fact, if only because the technology today is not yet updated enough to address the concern.


As a form of summary, it is safe to say here that information about the statistics will still be the same as the results found in this year. Although there are new changes in technology in the following years, the essentials will still be the same. Organic results still rank better the sponsored ads. Blogs still work. Companies with active social engagement will also get better results.

With the article above, you are now able to understand how Search Engine Ranking still results in better leads generation. It is most likely still going to be this 2018.